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21-Day Roadmap To
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Transform Your Mindset, And Unleash Yourself From Fear, Anxiety and Guilt.

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You’ve been doing this for too long.

Driving yourself at 1000%. Day in day out.

Doing everything for everyone.

 Work, Family, Partner.

 (Possibly even for people you barely know.)

 Always moving mountains to help others.

 It’s them before you. Every. Single. Time.


You still don’t feel like you’re enough.

Like you still have to prove yourself, somehow.

 And even when you do finally get a pat on the back, you feel like… you don’t deserve it?

 Like you should be doing more.

 And the guilt just grows.

 So you work harder. Give more. Sacrifice more.

More work. More responsibilities. More giving.

 But, instead of feeling better, just emptiness.

 Worse still. The burdens start to feel heavier. The problems start to loom larger.

 Things you used to take in your stride suddenly feel… scarier?

 Each day, the expectations grow. But, your energy is starting to fade.

 You’re starting to feel less of a Superhero now, more of a victim.

 The guilt grows.




But now it’s worse.

Instead of tearing through the day, you’re limping.

No longer the life & soul of the party, no longer the office over-achiever, no longer vibrant and full of enthusiasm.

 Just hoping to get through to the end of the day. To blend into the background. To shut yourself off and be left alone.

 You thought you had things figured out. But now it all seems so… terrifying?

And you start to wonder: “Why is this happening?”


If any of this sounds familiar...
You’re not alone.
You’re not alone.
You’re not failing.
You’ve come to the right place

It’s time to change your story.

Hi, it’s Hilda,

Welcome to Healing Clouds: the right place for you, to be, right now.

Look, I know you’re a superhero.

You’ve been fighting these battles for so long.

But you’re starting to burn out.

And these feelings of Guilt, Fear & Anxiety, they don’t just spring up by themselves.

They have a root cause.

How do I know that? Because I’ve been there too.

For years, I ran myself ragged for a job I didn’t even enjoy. Lived an inauthentic life; never truly being ‘me’. Failed relationships, failed attempts to get my life ‘on track’. Always running around after everyone else.

I tried all the usual ways to suppress my feelings. Alcohol, isolation, procrastination.

Until I finally reached a breaking-point.

With no one coming to save me, I had no choice. I took it upon myself, to figure out why things were going so wrong.

 The root causes for why I was feeling this way.

That was step one.

Knowing the connection is one thing.

The next step is healing.

Feelings of low self-esteem. A sense of worthlessness. An obsessive need to prove ourselves to be
worthy of anything.


We try to suppress our true selves, but all it does is make us sick, tired and drained. And eventually, victims to Guilt, Fear & Anxiety.




It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how to change. 

All it takes is the right care and guidance.

To dig down to the real reasons, which are holding you back.

 Untie the knots.

And shift your default mode to how it should be. Happy. Healthy. Empowered.

Before you move forward, you have to heal what’s holding you back.

When I began my healing journey, I knew deep down this was just something I hadto do.

I had no choice. My life couldn’t keep going in the same direction.

So I spent years on a mission to explore every mind-body healing modality I could find.

Turns out, Eastern cultures have been far ahead of the West on this.

It’s often described as the 'Mind Body Connection'.

And the truth is, until we heal the mind, we can never heal the body.

Until we tap into our nervous systems to heal ourselves on an emotional level, we can never release those negative emotions that seem so “hard-wired” into our minds.

I discovered the power of these modalities to heal on a DEEPER level than anything I had tried before.

And for the first time in my life, I felt released from everything that had held me back. I was able to finally move forward without self-sabotaging my own efforts.

 I soothed my inner-child, made peace with my inner-demons, released myself from old-traumas.

And now I live my best life. I finally understand that ‘I am Enough’. I no longer spend my day running around trying to prove myself to anyone & everyone.

Trust me when I say this, It is the most liberating feeling I have ever felt.

To feel ‘whole’ in myself. To invest in myself. To care for myself.

And, as a result, I can also be the best version of myself, for those I care most about.

It’s wonderful. And I want the same thing for everyone.

Which is why, over the past 12 years, I have practised as a Healer & Empowerment Coach in England.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to bring the power of these Healing modalities and “transformational” mindset changes to as many people as I can.

But I still don’t feel like I’m reaching enough people.

Which is why I’ve partnered with Healing Clouds to bring you my first online program “Free & Fulfilled - A Guide to Leave Fear, Anxiety & Guilt behind”.

So that anyone can have access to these practices.

What Students Say

"The healing session with Hilda was deeply relaxing and any tensions in my body dissolved. I slept deeply that evening and the pain in my shoulder and arm was much relieved. Great for stress reduction."
- Maia Tooke


 In my program, you will discover the exact practices I have used over the past 12 years as a Healer, all laid-out for you in easy-to-follow exercises.

These practises took me years of experimenting and research to refine, but I’ve condensed all the knowledge from my journey to create my unique “Three Phase Transformation”.

The First Phase

We will work to heal you from the struggles of your past. We delve into a range of modalities to delve into the root causes of your problems, freeing you from the heavy burden of guilt.

The Second Phase

We work towards grounding you to face the challenges of your present. We work on building up on your healing from the first phase by reconnecting to your own body, reconnect with nature and build resilience to fear.

The Final Phase

In this phase, we work towards empowering you to go out, affirm your boundaries, master your anxiety, be ready to face the world and manifest the best version of yourself for the future.

The Methods Used

For each day of the program you will receive a new video in which I will guide you through the selected exercise or coaching. These videos will include routines for us to practise through together, as well as exercises you can go on to do in your own free time. You will also receive 20 workbooks to allow you to deepen your practise through further study.

The Special BONUS 

Finally, as a special launch BONUS, I am including my guide to creating your dream ‘Vision Board’, absolutely free. Creating a Vision Board, helps in allowing one to clearly choose a path for life. There are some simple steps to understand exactly what you want to get out of your life.
In this Bonus lesson, you will get to learn how to work towards achieving your Best Life you have dreamt of. You will also learn how to see your dream life starts to take shape, and aligns with your Vision.

Here’s a selection of some of the modalities you will discover in each Module of your Course.

Once your Mindset changes, your whole life changes.
When life throws an obstacle at you, you rise to it. You see it as a challenge to overcome, not to run away from. 

You will set an example that others will want to follow. A role-model for your children, a pillar for your community, a respite for your loved ones. 
To create an extraordinary life, you must first create an extraordinary Mindset. Here are the chapters covered in this module:

  1. Counting and Remembering your blessings

  2. More ways to show gratitude for even more benefits

  3. You are Enough

  4. The mindset of a successful person

  5. Forgiveness

Picture how great your life could be if you were released from the Fear that holds you back. 
Ready to pursue your ambitions; whether it’s pushing for that job promotion, launching your own business, or achieving your goals in your personal life. 

Wake up each morning full of courage and ready to seize the opportunities of the day, instead of holding yourself back from getting the things you know you want! 
No longer afraid to stand up for yourself. No longer pushed around. No longer scared to say ‘NO’ when it needs to be said! Here's how we get it done:

  1. A grounding exercise for fear and trauma

  2. Benefits of Earthing

  3. A daily energy routine to boost the energy flow in your body for optimum health

  4. Heart Focused Breathing

  5. Healing the Inner Child guided meditation

Imagine being able to walk tall and confident into any social situation. To meet people effortlessly. To be the life and soul of the party.

To feel calm and in control of your life. To flow serenely through the day, brushing off the unnecessary worries that used to rule you; finally able to fully focus on enjoying the moment! 

All these are possible, once you remove the burden of Anxiety. Here are the topics we work on:

  1. Anxiety and body image

  2. BodyScan Meditation for anxiety

  3. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for anxiety

  4. Posture for anxiety

  5. Overthinking

How empowering it would feel to value yourself, instead of always looking to other people to validate you! How it would feel to love yourself, and be grateful for just being ‘you’; instead of always criticising every little tiny thing about yourself

(HINT: No one’s perfect, embrace your flaws!). Let's see what will we learn in this module:

  1. How to feel worthy and deserving of good without any guilt

  2. Boundaries – how to treasure your time and energy

  3. Co-creating your life through Joy and Calm

  4. Self-care without guilt

  5. Realise you don’t have to work hard to succeed


By creating a Vision Board, you’ll finally allow yourself to choose your own path for your life.

Let's walk through the simple steps to understand exactly what you want to get out of your life; to paint a clear picture of what your Best Life would look like.

Then watch as your Dream Life starts to take shape, and aligns with your Vision. Watch as your life begins to follow the plan you’ve decided for it! 

  1. Create your own Vision Board - I will take you through the process – fun, magical and powerful in manifesting your dream life

For each day of the program you will receive 

A new Video in which I will guide you through the selected exercise or coaching. 

Each day will bring you a new theme or practise, carefully selected from the ‘toolbox’ of Healing modalities I have learned over the years.

These videos will include routines for us to practise through together, as well as exercises you can go on to do in your own free time.

Many of my clients make a daily practise of these routines first thing in the morning, to start the day right!

I will lead you through gentle, step-by-step instructions for each technique, so you can quickly & easily start using them in your own free time and become your own Healer!

On top of that, you will also receive workbooks to allow you to deepen your practise through further study, whenever it suits you.

Here’s what Hilda’s Clients Have to Say About
Working with her

"I was having difficulties with a particular issue in my life without really understanding what was going on. With Hilda's valuable knowledge and powerful intuition, we slowly worked through it going deeper into the layers that separated me from the understanding of the root problem. When we finally hit it, there were some tears of release and an incredible vibrational shift and empowerment that made a lasting change."
- Sandra Guedes
"Hilda’s combination of deep tissue work and intuitive energy balancing are just right for me. My second treatment included Rahanni healing. She was very careful to explain its powerful detoxifying effect and that I should drink plenty of water and rest for the remainder of the day. I felt very much ‘cared for’. The following morning woke refreshed and energised. As a therapist myself I set very high standards and Hilda meets these in every way."
- She Coombes
"Hilda is the most beautiful soul. Her teaching style is warm, knowledgeable and welcoming. I felt totally at ease at her recent Rahanni healing workshop in Totnes, Devon. She was very encouraging and thorough and I felt confident to put my training into practice by the end of the day. I thoroughly recommend Hilda and her Rahanni training workshops. Such a beautiful aura and soul. Thank you Hilda from my heart."
- Claire Casely

 If you’ve understood all that, then let me ask you, surely nothing could be more important to you than making this change?

 For whoever or whatever reason that’s brought you this far,

Isn't it time to finally take that step?

Lifetime Access to the 
ENTIRE Program

  • 21 Instruction Videos

  • 22 Audio Files 

  • 20 Workbooks

  • Including a Bonus ‘Vision Board’ Guide 

  • Access Pass to the ‘Free & Fulfilled Family’ Community Group

  • Completion Certificate

Actual Price  £147

Limited Period Offer



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What Students Say

"I felt the service Hilda provided was of a great quality. She created a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which made the whole experience very pleasurable. Hilda responded really well to our requests and tailored her healing to my needs. I felt fresh and relaxed after the session. I will definitely be back. Thank you Hilda."
-Joanna Duke Skubek

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